One Century of Oma Mimi

Dear guest, on pupose or by accident, you have landed on ‘The one & only official Oma Mimi website’. This site is developed with the sole purpose to honor our Mother, Grandmother & Greatgrandmother who, on te 12th of may 2007 became 100 years old. This fact alone is quit remarkable. But there is so much more. At this day and age, she still outsmarts the most be it all of us. Her charm, her wit and her wisdom have been, and still are, an amazing inspiration to all the lucky people who have been around her.

One intention of this site is to gather photographs, reflections & stories. From the past, the present & in the future. I hereby call upon all family members & relations of oma Mimi to contribute to this site.
Oma Mimi will not die. Oma Mimi will live on. Far away in the future, when you and I are long gone, she’ll be there, alive & kicking. In short; “Oma Mimi rocks!”